Brand Belief

Standing Tall

We believe in constructing dreams and paving relationships. The reason why our consumers always expect extra-ordinary from us is because we make the most remarkable and distinguished structures. Our work connects with various perceptions viz. strength, character, bold, positive, competitive, growth, actualize, shows results, open, transparent, inspires, perceptive, philosophy and consumer sensitivity. Our business ambition speaks itself that when one delivers, one stands tall.


As an important aspect of the real-estate business, we truly believe in building relationships and beyond our consumers. For the last 30 years as a group, we have always looked forward to take everyone with us whoever we encounter. SG differs from other real-estate groups in the way that where others might say building better communities, or better way to live, SG firmly believes in Maintaining healthy relationships with our every consumer. We are the business group who believes that the business grows by establishing strong bonds with client by maintaining a deep sense of regard for them.

Consumer First,

SG is the group who make tailor made solutions around the consumer needs as a commitment of understanding before proposing. We always strive to do more in order to satisfy our consumers. Furthermore, in the new world of real-estate, SG exemplifies the spirit of RERA.

Committed to
value Creation

Every action we take is a form of a value creation. We believe that there is more to give to our consumers than just merely selling projects. For us, our consumers matter and so their lives. Values and commitments can mean different things to different stakeholders, but it does mean something of importance and benefit to everyone. These are not just the words but the world for us that have built our company’s legacy and have given to our consumers a million reasons to be cherished upon.